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Patient 1
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I had a lower wisdom tooth and the molar next to it extracted.

I had known that the wisdom tooth was impacted for 25 years, but I left it as it never gave me any discomfort and I didn't want to go to hospital and have gas and air as I had had a bad experience as a child.

7 months before I had the teeth extracted, Dan said that he thought the tooth needed to come out as soon as possible. It was necessary to go to hospital and have a general anaesthetic. He didn't recommend just having a local, as it would be too traumatic to be awake.

In May, I returned to ask Dan to refer me for the extraction and I was told that Val Sharma worked at the surgery some Saturdays and could extract the tooth without me having to go to hospital. He was due in, in a few weeks time and Dan offered to get an estimate for the cost of the treatment.

We discussed the problems of going on the NHS waiting list and not knowing who would be the surgeon. If I needed a sedative, Val was qualified to give it. Dan would telephone me within two days to see if I wanted to go ahead and book an appointment. The procedure was explained beforehand and I was given a local anaesthetic. Everything was explained to both the dental nurse and me, as it was happening. It was good to see a highly qualified doctor and surgeon taking an interest expanding the dental nurse's knowledge.

I took about 1¼ hours to extract both teeth, stitch up the wound and explain the aftercare. I was given a second dose of local anaesthetic at the end to keep pain at bay for the rest of the morning, a prescription for antibiotics and an information sheet. I was told to telephone Dan over the bank holiday weekend if I had any problems. On the next working day, the dental nurse telephoned me at home to see if the healing was progressing.

The discomfort afterwards wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I dropped the Paracetamol and Ibroprofen a day earlier than expected.

I was so pleased that I had decided to haven the treatment at my local dentist's surgery. I hate going to hospital and find the delays and so on makes me anxious. It was well worth the expense to cut out the waiting list and to know exactly who will be carrying out the surgery. Impacted eights run in our family. I would have no hesitation in recommending my children, or my friends have their wisdom teeth out at the practice.  

- Mrs. JJM

Patient 2
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  Invisiline brace:

I felt very self conscious and hated smiling in photos. The treatment proved to be very effective, I work in the public eye so wanted something discreet.

Excellent, very helpful, informative and attentive. I am satisfied with my teeth, I have confidence again - I already have recommended it to three people  

Patient 3
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I got referred to Daanish through my dentist Trevor.

I'd previously had orthodontic treatment on my teeth, hoever over the years my teeth had moved.

I had a massive overbite and a gap in between my 2 front teeth. I felt very self conscious and hated smiling in photos, and was looking for a quick and easy, as well as affordable resolution to my problem.

Daanish went through various options with me, he was very informative and gave me time to think.

He also provided me with an email address so any queries i could have could be answered.

I decided to go for the invisiline brace. This was a clear brace used to move my teeth, I found the treatment almost painless discreet and very effective.

Further to this I was also able to break the cost into monthly payments at a 0% rate.

I was extremely happy with the result that was achieved. The information given and the service I received.

It really was exceptional and better than anything I expected. I would highly recommend this treatment, as well Westcliff Dental Surgery.

They have given me confidence in my smile again, as well as offering me a retainer to
maintain it!  

- Sarah. T

Patient 4
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  Over the last couple of years I've had treatment from westcliff dental practice including alignment and veneer work on my front upper teeth.

Before the alignment and veneer treatment i was very self-conscious about smiling and would often put my hand over or cover m mouth. This has become a habit that i did almost automatically.

On a regular check-up visit i spoke to m dentist, Daanish Chattaroo about my concerns regarding the look of my front teeth. He was very understanding and suggested several treatment options. He also discussed the possible cost of treatment and suggested i go away and think about it and let him know if i wanted to proceed.

I decided to go ahead with the treatment which started with the alignment work. Daanish explained every stage of the treatment and went through the choices and options in great detail. I felt safe and involved thoughout the process.

I found Daanish to be very skilful, effective and knowledgeable; he seemed to make everything very straightforward with the minimum of discomfort or fuss. I would happily recommend Daanish to my family and friends.

I am really very pleased with the outcome and feel much less conscious or concerned about my teeth now. The difference is amazing, my teeth look so much better. I feel the treatment was very worthwhile.

I also find the reception staff and other team members at the practice very helpful and polite.  

- Barry. K

Patient 5
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  After my crown came out weekly, I had an appointment with you to discuss my options.

After a lot of advice and discussion. I decided on an implant.

My treatment has been excellent every step of the way, everything has been explained indetail. The care I received by all the staff at the practice as made me feel safe and under expert care all the way though this treatment. I am so pleased with the end result it was worth allthe time, discomfort and expense. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends.

Thank you once again for my new tooth. I love it.  

- Ms BP

Patient 6

Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I felt self-conscious about smiling and talking face-to-face with people, as my front tooth was crooked and I felt as though everybody noticed it. I was also concerned that it would get worse over time and have a further knock-on effect to my other teeth.

I'm so glad I had the treatment and I'm looking forward to going back and having a similar treatment on my bottom teeth. It's lovely to feel confident with my smile after so many years of feeling self-conscious.

I was given several options, which were all explained in full detail. I chose the Inman Aligner because I was able to remove it for special occasions or important meetings etc. Daanish also took time to explain the finance options to me, which were very manageable and easy to understand.

I have had excellent treatment at Westcliff Dental Practice. I have been back and forth many times over the past year and I have always been seen quickly. All of the staff are very friendly and take time to make me feel comfortable. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail by Daanish; at each appointment he would talk to me about my options and what the next stage of the treatment was. I always felt comfortable to ask questions in the practice and via email / telephone after my appointments. I also felt as though Daanish and his nurses always went above and beyond to see me during their lunch times and at the end of the working day, which made attending appointments much easier for me. 

Patient 7
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I am writing to thank you, for the excellent treatment I have received over the past nine months or so. The appearance of my front teeth had always bothered me and over the years I had been for several consultations at different practices but had never been completely satisfied with the treatment plans offered. The solutions always seemed complex and expensive and not really tailored to my particular issues.

From first speaking with Dr Kamran I immediately felt that my concerns and wishes were the priority, I was given alternative scenarios of treatment and was able to decide the best possible way forward for myself. I have always been kept thoroughly informed and made aware of the choices available. The treatment we decided on was in itself relatively quick and the results are beyond what I expected. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome, the professional service I received along the way was second to none and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone seeking dental treatment. 

- Mrs. S N

Patient 8
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  As a regular visitor to the dentist I was aware that my teeth were becoming thinner and that the teeth at the front were receding.I knew some of this could have been self inflicted (through nocturnal teeth grinding) but also thought ageing was another factor. Therefore I imagined that this was something I would have to live with as the years went on. However I could still recall my grandparents who wore dentures from quite an early age and how they would tease me as a child by poking their denture plate out at me. Truthfully I didn't relish this prospect for me and hoped that dentistry had moved on in the intervening years.When I found out that it had I was keen to go ahead with the treatment. It helped that I have a friend who some years earlier had had similar treatment (except using porcelain veneers) so I was under the impression that it was a treatment that was fine if a person could afford it.

The dental experience was ideal for me. The dentist explained the procedures clearly and he provided the right amount of support and encouragement throughout the process. It helped me enormously that I had recently retired from full time work so my time was effectively my own for attending appointments.

The dentist also offered clear and helpful advice on managing the veneers in the early days so that it was a smooth transition for me from how I ate certain foods (cutting an apple before eating it), using inter dental brushes, and sleeping with a mouth guard.

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received, the support and follow up I continue to receive, the cost of the treatment, the relationship between professional and patient, and the finished result. Friends and family are impressed as the teeth look authentic and any repair treatment which may be needed in the future won't be too expensive.

Personally I think it has improved my facial appearance and arrested the ageing process a little by losing the sunken mouth look. I would add that it has improved my confidence when smiling and generally communicating with others. It has helped me to stick to an improved dental hygiene programme and also slightly changed my approach to diet (e.g. Drinking less coffee and alcohol) and eating more fresh ingredients. Also the treatment was not painful at all and I believe I was very well looked after.

Many thanks Dr. Kamran and I will see you at my next routine hygiene visit. 

- Mr. A P

Patient 9
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I am still amazed at the difference my Anti-snoring appliance has made to the quality of my sleep.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea in 1998 following years of family and friends complaining about the noises I made in my sleep. It wasn't just snoring, every now and then I'd stop breathing and the resultant snort when resumming breathing even woke me up, goodness knows how many times a night.

My husband finally moved into the spare bedroom so he could get a decent night's sleep. When we stayed with friends or went on holiday he used ear plugs to dull the sound of my breathing.

You may recall that our first discussion about my having a splint arose because I had damaged some of my molars through grinding my teeth. Subsequent discussion led to me telling you that I had been paying more attention to this and that I realised I clenched my teeth when stressed. I Then told you about my sleep apnoea and you told me about this special appliance that might help.

Well it has helped and I can't bear the thought of being without it.

Not only have I stopped snoring, the incidences of stopping breathing are few and far between. I wake up in the morning feeling good because I have had a good night's sleep. My teeth and jaws no longer ache because I am no longer clenching or grinding my teeth. An unexpected pleasant development is that I do not wake up in the night with a dire thirst leading to me drinking a big glass of water which used to lead to me going to the loo 2 or 3 times in the night.

I have 'snorted' a few times over the past two weeks, that is why I made an adjustment yesterday - problem solved.

Thank you Taimoor. 

- Mrs. B

Patient 10
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I had my implant placed in 2008 by Dr. Taimoor Kamran. When I began attending the practice I was having problems on my lower right side. I was informed that the tooth causing so many problems was actually a baby tooth and was unsalvageable. After taking an x-ray on the tooth I was alarmed to hear that there was no adult tooth underneath. Dr Kamran was very kind and understanding. I was highly distressed at the thought of having no tooth there at only 22 years of age. He sat with me and explained all my options in great detail. I was very interested in the option of having an implant and was given information leaflets for me to read and time to make my decision away from the surgery and do my own research. After doing so I was very happy to go ahead with the implant procedure. Dr Kamran gave me a step by step explanation of how the treatment would be carried out and the estimated time frames we would be working with. The procedure was very daunting and when I arrived at the practice for the surgery I was very nervous. I was reassured by Dr Kamran and the staff with in the surgery. The procedure was tiring but pain free and I was very happy with the outcome. The day after the surgery I returned to work as normal. I was told before the surgery of the risk of swelling and bruising due to the nature of the procedure. I was very happy that no swelling or bruising occured and I was able to return to work so quickly. The aftercare was easy to follow with regular checkups and 3 monthly scalings. I would highly recommend any one to have this sort of treatment carried out by Dr.Kamran as he provided me with excellent care before, during and after my surgery. I am extremely happy with the results as now the tooth looks very natural and people do not know that it is not real. It is very easy to get along with and I am glad I decided to have this treatment carried out. 

- Miss N B

Patient 11
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I have been comparing my smile in photographs taken this year and the photos from last year's festive season. Gosh what a difference! Last year I was so self conscious because the hairline cracks and the chips on my centrals along with the thinness of the enamel made my teeth look grey - my smile looked like a grimace. This year I was smiling widely or to quote my niece 'grinning like the cat that got the cream'. 

- Mrs. M B

Patient 12
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  I would like to share my experience I have had with the mandibular advancement device (Anti-snoring device).

For the past 10 years my snoring has been slowly getting louder and louder. It got to the stage where my wife and I were sleeping in separate rooms, because I was waking her up at least 5 times a night.

After going to the hospital and having a sleep study, the doctor said to me, they would not consider operating on me without me contacting my dentist and trying the mandibular advancement device, which I did.

After the first night of wearing the mandibular advancement device, I woke up and asked my wife if I had woke her up the in the night…. She said, "no". Wow, it was like the first night your child sleeps through the night!!

I would really recommend trying this if you suffer from a similar problem. Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing. My relationship is much better now due to both my wife and I having an unbroken sleep. 

- Mr. M D

Patient 13
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  Over the past twelve months , I have had the pleasure of dealing with Westcliff Dental Practice under the expertise of Taimoor Kamroan and Daanish Chataroo.

Having had the trauma at age eleven of losing my front teeth and much of my gums in an accident, I have endured living with dentures until the age of fifty. I have never smiled with my teeth and have always been guarded in my reactions to humorous situations. Determined to improve my appearance and to improve my self-confidence ( by smiling ! ) at long last, I approached Westcliff Dental for a consultation

I was listened to sensitively and given extensive treatment options, with honest opinions about possible solutions. I was kept involved right throughout the decision making progress until I decided on the final option, namely, a bridge retained by two implants and five porcelain crowns.

For a dental phobic such as me, this decision was made easier by the supportive approach given to me. My confidence was boosted at each visit when I realised that my safety and care was paramount to the experts at Westcliff Dental.

Changes and adaptations to the original plan needed to be made along the way, but these were explained as being necessary for reasons such as safety and longevity.

After a year of treatment, the transformation is now complete. Friends, and even strangers, have commented on my confidence, smile and willingness to laugh more than before. The cost has been well worth it. After all, it's hard to put a price on happiness.

I have already recommended many people to Westcliff Dental and will continue to do so for years to come.  

- Mr TRM

Patient 14
Westcliff Dental Practice £ 340 London Road estcliff, Essex SS0 7JJ +44-17023-44500 Westcliff Dental Practice

  Recently I underwent procedures to implant several of my teeth At Westcliff Dental.

To say I was unhappy with my teeth would be a gross understatement! In my twenties they looked OK-ish, though I felt i could have benefitted from orthodontics to align them better etc, but that sort of treatment wasn't easily available then. Over the years they just got worse and worse. In spite of what I thought was reasonable dental hygiene i was developing gum disease, which causes the teeth to become loose as the bone they are sitting in gets eaten away by bacteria. i had lost 11 teeth, all molars or premolars; but now the condition was affecting my front teeth. They were all loose, to the extent that I could wobble them with my tongue! i had recently transferred to Westcliff Dental and the dentist had splinted the lower front 4 teeth in an attempt to keep them. the top ones - also loose - looked absolutely horrendous! the were protruding more and more and were very discoloured. My partner said I never smiled any more and you can't wonder at it. I felt awful, very low indeed. Added to which, i was terrified of eating! the day finally came when I bit a prawn and broke the splint on my lower teeth.

At an emergency appointment the question arose... What do you want to do? There followed a long discussion with 3 of the dentists, one of which was the implant expert, to go through all the options that were available. And of course the cost involved. the very thought of dentures filled me with dread. I was too young, surely? Also, my mother had had full dentures at 38 and the terrible time she had with them was uppermost in my mind. A partial denture was possible but it would have undermined my remaining teeth, already in a very compromised state. After much discussion, during which the pros, cons, procedures, cost, time scale - you name it, was thoroughly discussed, I went ahead and started the process. There was never any pressure on me to have them. and at all times my questions were answered fully so that I had complete confidence in the team.

The total experience was superb. It is hard to believe that you could get such thorough and up to date treatment outside Harley St but the total experience was second to none. It did take a while, but at every stage I felt totally relaxed about what was happening and why. The attention to detail, and the professionalism shown by ALL the staff was outstanding. i was consulted at every step, kept advised of any changes that were necessary and why, and even just good old fashioned compassion that was shown added up to a really life changing experience. it was clear to me that the team are completely dedicated to providing each patient with exactly the right treatment and I think it was one of the best decisions I have made.

the difference my new mouth has made to me as a person is extraordinary. I feel on top of the world! I LOVE my new mouth and smile. My self confidence has rocketed and I feel like a new person. I really wish I had done it years ago. In my opinion it was worth every penny and minute spent. The cost is probably a consideration to be weighed up, but the benefits you get from implants are priceless. After all, a good holiday lasts a few weeks. Implants are for life! And its such a great feeling to have confidence in your smile and mouth. You feel like you have had 20 holidays after implants!

I am so very grateful to Taimoor and his team and if you think implants are possibly for you I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending a visit to Westcliff Dental. 

- Theresa F


I am really very pleased with the outcome and feel much less conscious or concerned about my teeth now. The difference is amazing, my teeth look so much better. I feel the treatment was very worthwhile.
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